Dear Sir or Madam,
we are pleased to announce an extraordinary event:

“BLEIFREI Boogie Duo”

Boogie-Woogie – this extreme hot music between Blues & Rock’n’Roll celebrated by two obsessed musicians.
Hundreds of concerts in clubs, honky-tonks and VIP-locations all-round in Europe and Amerika are our figurehead.Key-acrobat “Mr. Speedfinger Atze Adlung” and “Dirty-Satchmo-Singer” and drummer Uwe Trapka will rise every concert to an unforgettable great experience!We assume no liability for the twitchy and stomping parts of the body ;-) !!!

What are the odds that we give a concert in your location?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully

Jürgen Adlung


French Quarter Festival New Orleans/Louisiana 2011/12/15

Boogie&Bluesfestival Brunn am Gebirge/Österreich 2015

Jazzfestival "Boat full Jazz" in Prag 2011

Dixielandfestival Dresden 

Swinging Lautern

Swing Festival Quedlinburg 

Non Stop Blues Festival Tschechien 1999-2002

Schmölzer Bluestage 2003/2004

JazzFestival Luzern/Schweiz 2007


Jürgen Adlung
Grafengasse 7
99084 Erfurt
Email: jadlung57@googlemail.com